Legal Services: Aftermath collection


Collecting your monetary award after winning your small claims lawsuit would most likely be difficult. After winning, you are entitled and have the authority to collect a sum of money. But the problem is, because the court wouldn’t handle the collection, you are on your own in challenging yourself in recovering your money. Take into consideration and ask yourself. Investigate first whether the person you are suing has any income or assets that could be used to pay your claim.
If yes, there is a high possibility that he’ll be able to pay you, and you can collect the money with some effort. If not, there’s nothing you can do but to wait, if, without some effort, it’ll take some ages for him to pay up his debt.

supriseTake note, you should be careful not to push the debtor into bankruptcy. There is a law pertaining that bankruptcy nullifies the debtor’s small claims judgement, meaning you’ll be able to collect, collecting nothing that is. So always check the collection laws because there are different laws about this kind of situation in different countries. Check for more specific information or get some help by finding a lawyer.